Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Dental Tourism is becoming a large industry, and it simply means going outside the US to get your dental work done. People do this because there are considerable cost savings involved! For example there can be as much as a 50 to 80% cost saving for procedures such as dental implants done in Mexico or Costa Rica!

If you live in Southern California or Texas, you can easily cross the border for care. Others throughout the US find Costa Rica is an affordable alternative!

Many Europeans go to Hungary for their treatment, and dental tourism has been a popular option in Europe for much longer than here in the US.

Here is an example of dental implant costs in various countries:

USA – $4000.00
Spain – $2750.00
Croatia – $850
Mexico – $1600.00
Romania – $1250.00
Hungary – $900.00
Costa Rica – $1000.00
India – $850.00
Brazil – $1550.00
Ecuador – $1000.00

Tijuana, Mexico has become a major location for dental implants crowns, etc. for many US citizens. So if you need some major dental work done, you may want to consider Dental Tourism as an alternative to having the work done by your local dentist!