Sunday, October 1, 2017


Thought not often easy to find, free dental care is available is most areas of the country. Affordable dental care is also available, so there is no reason that you or your family should not get the dental care needed! Unless you or a family member is currently being treated by a specialist or has a referral to a specialist you will first need to find dental clinic or a family dentist to begin your treatment and if specialized treatment is needed they will provide the needed referrals.

Three great sources for locating free dental care services in your area are:,

Just log into these sites to find sources in your particular area or nearby!
Affordable dental care is also available in most areas of the country! Many dentists have new patient specials including x-rays, exam and cleaning for as low as $39.00! Three great sources for locating these services are shown above, plus an internet search may help you find additional sources.


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